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Report: 99% marketers struggling with data deprecation thanks to cookie demise, privacy laws

New SheerID report produced by Forrester Research shows digital marketing decision makers see zero-party data as a solution, but less than half are harnessing it.

Ninety-nine in 100 marketers are impacted by data deprecation thanks to the demise of cookies and browser tracking restrictions and are looking to better harness zero-party data sets as a result. Yet less than half know how to use such data effectively, a new report has found.

According to the Data Deprecation Challenge and Promise of Zero-Party Data report produced by Forrester resource on behalf of martech company, SheerID, 99 per cent of the 200+ digital marketing decision makers surveyed are being impacted by data deprecation resulting from Safari, Mozilla and Apple iOS restrictions as well as toughening privacy laws and walled gardens. Challenges include acquiring customer data, cross-selling and upselling, tracking customer journeys across channels and touchpoints and creating personalised messaging and experiences.



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