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Connect directly with hyper targeted consumer audiences, 
with consent.

Our proprietary algorithm finds your exact target consumer from our 400m+ audience through leading partners and publisher platforms.

A Globally regulation compliant platform. Powered by consumer consent.

Engage directly with consumers.

Unveil deep insights into your target audience from behavior to preferences, along with PII data to enable personalized marketing strategies that truly resonate. 

What consumer data can you gather to drive business growth?

Consumer data helps businesses understand customers, stay competitive, and make informed decisions to drive growth.


Consumer Identity

Real time OTP verified phone and email  for every single consumer that connects with you.

Enabling hyper targeted media buying and communications.


Survey Questions

100% Customizable survey questions. Brand, product, purchase behavior or preferences,  all tied to a real targetable identity.

Adding personalization to targeting.

Case Studies & Data Report Form

Case Studies & Data Report

Find out how we've helped advertisers from global FMCGS, to leading Beauty D2C Brands to financial services , insurance, automotive and more connect directly with their target audiences at scale.

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