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Look beyond the mad scramble for first-party data

by Anil Pandit September 17, 2021

It's time to apply some order amid the chaotic grab for first-party data. According to a programmatic expert from Publicis Media India, it's time to start thinking about 'zero-party' data.

'Customer centricity’ has always been a cornerstone of marketing and will continue to be. While many brands claim it is built into their processes, structures, tools, approaches, and their culture, glaring gaps are becoming evident as we see cookies crumbling and devices going ID-less. Many brands are scrambling to collect customer first-party data (FPD) assuming it will be the panacea of the new digital era. But there has to be a method in this madness. Customers' data does not only imply just first-party data or personally identifiable information (PII). PII data can be a means to understanding your customers but not an end in itself. I see many brands frantically looking for ways to collect or even purchase PII data which I would suggest is a short-sighted, immature, and ad-hoc attempt to embark on the path of customer-centricity as a way to prepare for the upcoming cookie-less and device ID-less future.



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