Exploring Halal Tourism in Indonesia: Verified Insights from 4,000+ Real Humans

Discover the growing trend of Halal tourism in Indonesia with our in-depth insights. As more travellers seek destinations that cater to their religious and cultural needs, understanding these preferences is crucial for businesses in the tourism industry.


Over 80% of travellers prioritize access to halal food and prayer facilities while travelling. This rapidly growing segment of tourism seeks experiences that are not just enjoyable but also respectful of their religious beliefs.


When it comes to specific amenities, the importance of having access to Halal food stands out, with 81.4% considering it very important. Similarly, Halal-friendly transportation options are crucial, with 64% finding them very important. Access to prayer facilities is also a top priority for 84% of respondents. Additionally, gender-segregated facilities are deemed very important by 53% of travellers. These insights highlight the key areas where tourism providers can enhance their offerings to attract and satisfy Halal-conscious travellers.

Dive deeper into the world of Halal tourism and learn how to tailor your services to meet the needs of this growing market. With verified insights from over 4,000 real humans, our report provides the knowledge you need to succeed in this evolving industry.

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