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Discover Exclusive Skincare Insights from Indonesian Women

Welcome to the destination for skincare insights from Indonesian women across 400+ locations. Our survey delves deep into consumer habits, preferences, and purchasing behaviours, offering a glimpse into the skincare landscape in Indonesia.


Explore our report, "Skincare: An In-Depth Review of Insights from Indonesian Women," meticulously curated from real data collected from thousands of verified consumers. Discover how often Indonesian women purchase skincare products and through which channels. From popular items like moisturizers and facial cleansers to preferred purchasing platforms such as e-commerce websites and marketplaces, our findings illuminate the evolving trends in the skincare industry.

Understanding consumer spending behaviours and digital payment preferences is crucial for brands looking to optimize their market strategies. Our report highlights the significant role of digital wallets in facilitating transactions for skincare products, catering to a diverse range of consumer budgets.


Did You Know?

18-24 year olds are 50% more likely than any other age cohort to buy skincare 4 or more times a month.

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