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Future Prospects for Zero-Party Data

Zero-party data is a hot topic in the marketing world right now. It’s becoming increasingly important, but it can be confusing to understand what it is and how it works. If you’re wondering what zero-party data is and why it matters, read on! We’ll cover everything from how to collect your own zero-party data to the benefits of doing so.

What is zero-party data- Zero-party data is the newest form of data collection, the information that a client voluntarily and knowingly gives to a business. Personal situations, purchase intentions, preference center data, and how a customer wants to be remembered by the business, can all be included. The phrase was initially used by Forrester Research, popular since then, businesses all around the world have now realized how crucial it is to acquire zero-party data.

How does this differ from other kinds of digital tracking? Well let’s look at each type: (Read More.....)



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